Thursday, 7 January 2010

Organised Pantry!!

OK I reorganised the pantry before Christmas so there's no before pictures, but hey, I'm really impressed they have stayed life this!

I couldn't get the entire pantry in one shot no matter how far I stood back so I've posted it in a few photos. The first two show the main part of the pantry. I've tried to assign shelves so a) it's easier to find things and b) so people know where to put things back! I couldn't get a good shot of the very top of the pantry where I keep things we have multiples of or refill other containers like coffee, cordial, tea, sauce and oil.

DH put these baskets on the doors for me, as we had so much wasted space that could be used.

On the right, I keep all the foil, glad wrap, baking paper and herbs and spices that we use a lot........

On the left, there are the spray oils, balsamic vinegar and any sauces/marinades.

So, that's our pantry. hopefully, by posting pictures of it, it will keep me motivated to keep it this wasy and not let it get away from me :)


  1. That looks fantastic!! Love how you have utilised the space on the back of your doors too!!!

  2. Beautiful! There is hardly anything more beautiful to a mom than a clean pantry!

  3. I thought I will be the first to You reminded me of my mother in law she had nine boys...I think kept on trying for a girl but did not succeed.

  4. wow! I am impressed. I use glass jars so there is no way mine would ever be that tidy


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