Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ben 10 LIVE

Jacob has been telling us for ages that he wanted to go and see the Ben 10 LIVE stage show and was getting very worried that ticket were selling FAST!! Poor little thing didn’t know that we had already got tickets to surprise him with.

P9180001So, we headed of for our outing and all he knew was he got to go on a train. Funnily, that was exciting enough – could have saved myself a few dollars :)

P9180004He had a great time on the train, and when we got to our stop he couldn’t figure out why all the other kids were wearing Ben 10 clothes! What’s the deal with that?? We headed off on the walk to Hisense Arena, against the flood of people from the previous show, and still no idea that he’s seeing Ben 10! Once we got closer I asked if he knew where he was going, then told him! Well, that equalled one very happy boy!!

P9180009   He was so excited! We went to our seats where he waited very patiently for the show to begin.

P9180013 P9180014

Completely enthralled,, he watched the show among a sea of strangely well behaved children!

P9180015After the show he got his photo taken in a Ben 10 scene, which he insists we must frame to put in his room so he can always remember the day he “met Ben 10”!.


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