Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Lunch with my J’s

Every Tuesday, Jacob and I have lunch at the “Shine” cafe.  I took a photo of their “About Us” which they have on the tables.


We wander over after Kindergarten and choose a different table each time. I love how he tries to read the menu! Since Joshua was home today, we decided to invite him to come with us.


After ordering, we usually have a quick look at the paper. Jacob was quiet fascinated by the feature on bugs!


As it was a warm day, Jacob forwent his usual Hot Chocolate for a nice iced one.


Today Jacob ordered a bacon and cheese sandwich, toasted please and cut in to 4 triangles :)


Joshua and I both ordered the chicken schnitzel sandwich - so yummo!


Blue Heaven milkshake for Joshua (I had my standard latte)


After lunch, Jacob gets to pick one of the BIG bikkies to take home. He’s nearly made it through all the different kinds now.


  1. I love "Love" traditions, and it looks like that's what you have here! How sweet!...P.S. what is a bikki?! Is it a cookie?! Whatever the answer...it looks good!

  2. Bikkies or biscuits are the same as a cookie :)


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