Friday, 12 November 2010

The last few days………….

We’ve had a few busy days here lately and I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and write anything. I’ve mainly been busy as a taxi (what mother isn’t) to and from VCE exams. But as of last Monday, that is all over red rover. Joshua has finished Year 12 and now has the long wait to find out his results and for university offers. His last official school activity is the valedictory dinner next Thursday night. Then he is off to Bali with a few of his mates for a well earned holiday.

We were also had a lovely day of sunshine on Tuesday. Jacob decided that after kindergarten, he would pretend to have a day at the beach. Got to love little kids imaginations!


Hmmm… could be some interesting tan lines there LOL!

On Wednesday Jacob had his swimming lesson, as usual. I was sitting outside in the “parent section” watching through the glass and I could see that Jacob was having a bit of a debate with both of the instructors. He was talking with his hands and I could see that he was trying to make a point. The the instructors moved to the side and indicated down the pool. Jacob gets up and  off he goes to the safety step. It took me a second to realise that he had just done this without wearing his safety belt!! There were big cheers in the pool area and a little boy with a very proud smile on his face.

The second instructor came out and explained to me what had happened. Last week, he had asked to try without his belt on because he doesn’t have one at home. His instructor had asked him to think about it for another week and, if he was still sure he wanted to try, he could this week. I don’t think they counted on Jacob having such a good memory! He argued his point that he needed to know if he could swim to “safety” in a safe environment in case he fell in the pool at home - fantastic logic for a five year old! And that’s exactly what he did - he swam his little heart out to safety and then went through the entire lesson with no floatation device.

I can’t believe the change in Jacob with just a term and a half of swimming lessons. Before he didn’t even want to stay in the bath to have a play, it was just wash me and get me out. We had brought up the topic of swimming a few times and he never wanted to have anything to do with the water. But, then he was invited to a birthday party at a swimming pool. Now, he really, really wanted to go to this party but was worried about the whole idea of water being involved. We suggested that he go and wear his bathers but if he just felt comfortable sitting on the edge then that’s what he should do. It took about 45 minutes for him to venture into the water at the party, and after that there was no turning back. I seized the opportunity and started swimming lessons the next week and the rest is history :)

So what else has happened during out busy week??? I think that needs a blog post all of it’s own. Stay tuned :)

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