Tuesday, 14 December 2010

All About Me - Jacob

During the kindergarten year, our wonderful teachers compiled a “All About Me” book for each of the children. It was a fantastic gift to receive at the end of the year, full of memories of Jacob’s kindergarten experience.


We provided the front page at the start of the year. We used photos that we had taken and Jacob gave me the “titles”


This is the photo taken on his first day of kinder - it is also more proof that I exist :)


Awwww, pictures of Mother’s Day at kinder! The children sang songs and made us a very nice morning tea.


Jacob doing the calendar at mat time. He always asks to check the weather on my phone or the television so he can get dressed properly for the day.


I think Jacob thought this was the coolest day ever at kinder!!


He loves drawing!! Got to love his snake and crocodile :)


Hmmmm, does this prove he is dinosaur mad????


OMG!! Jacob adored these chickens. He talked about them non-stop and I had to check them everyday when I picked him up.  He even made me do a blog post on them HERE


Another child that loves doing back flips! Talk about the influence of big brothers LOL!


Heheheheee… I love what he needs to know about going to school and the “rules” at school next year!


Oh, yes, very cute - Jacob made a spider at kinder which he proceeded to scare mummy with at home by leaving it all around the house. I believe I even sprayed it with bug spray. 


Awwwww., last day of kinder :(

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