Friday, 14 January 2011

OMG! I did it! I can’t believe I did it!!!!

Well, I’ve been sweating over this since I sent in my application in September 2010 and last night the wait was finally over. I DID IT! I’ve been accepted to CDU to do my Bachelor of Nursing!! I love working as an EN, but I just want/need to learn more.


I was completely devastated last year when I didn’t get an offer but, in hindsight, I’ve had a year to work in the field and I know now that this is definitely what I want to do.

It was nerve wrecking last night when I was trying to access the SATAC website and I was getting no where! I kept refreshing (just like everyone else), walking away and coming back to try again. The longer I was waiting, the more anxious I was getting. I saw on a forum that other people had found out they had received offers together with a nice little link that led my straight to my destiny.

And what was the first thing I did when I saw the message that determined my future??? I screamed, then I cried. Tears of relief, happiness, joy, frustration.

Thank you to everyone that has congratulated and “liked” my facebook status. Special mention to my awesome friend and fellow EN and Bachelor of Nursing student Loretta who posted this as her status last night: “Is dedicating this status to my lovely friend Natalie Matthews who got into nursing at Uni today. I'm so proud and excited for her. Now I have a special friend to share the ride.” I’m so lucky to have such a supportive friend like you - Loretta, you are simply awesome :)


  1. Funny how some things work out isn't it?
    Congrates on your achievement:)

  2. WOohOo!!! Congratulations and a Happy Dance are in order!! :-)

  3. Congratulations! You must be so thrilled!!

  4. Wow, Congratulations! What an awesome achievement.


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