Saturday, 13 August 2011

Finally, My Blogopolis Post!

On Saturday the 30th July, I ventured into the city to attend Blogopolis hosted by Nuffnang.  After waking at some God awful time of the morning, I jumped in my car with my trusty caffeine mug and off I went.


Thanks to my anal retentive need to research everything before venturing out and my trusty Navman, I was able to park straight away, nice and close to Zinc where Blogopolis was being held. As I walked down near the Yarra River, this is the glorious morning that greeted me.


After going in and picking up my name tag, I ventured over to the table where I was seated and wondered who I would be sitting with. In all honesty, it didn’t really matter because I knew absolutely no one in real life.


I claimed my seat and had a bit of a wander and bumped into Lisa from Life As We Know It. After having a lovely chat, someone mentioned that I needed to go over to Danimezza to have my “official” photo taken. Anyone that knows me, knows that I usually run away when any camera is pointed in my direction. I was relieved when Lina from Mothers Love Letters offer to do the picture with me *hi photo buddy!!*

With Blogopolis about to begin, I grabbed a coffee and went back to my seat and met the lovely ladies that were sharing my table. Seated as awesome table 23 were Vanessa from Food Allergy Mum, Nicole from My Ideal Life, Wendy from Wendy Moore, Sharnee from Suck My Lolly & Blogger Candy and Simone from The Daily Buzz.

And just how am I so awesome I remembered all of them. Of course we swapped our business cards! Here’s mine just in case you missed out on getting one :)

natsnatterings business card

At the morning tea break, I popped outside for a pre arranged on Twitter the night before “fresh air break” with Jo from Chickens and Bees.  With the second session about to start we all headed back in, grabbed more caffeine and took our spots.

For lunch, Brenda from Mummy Time had organised for a group of us from Digital Parents to get together. There I got to meet Jolene from Mums Lounge, Madame Bipolar, Sarah from Mum’s The Word, Laney from Crash Test Mummy, Kelley from Magneto Bold Too, Gemma from My Big Nutshell, Maria from Mum’s Word and Fiona from Lumsdaine Photography,

At the end of the conference, Jo and I headed off in search off food before wandering back to my car and driving over to the post-drinks party at Showtime where I met the lovely Fiona from Oh Gorgeous Baby and Moment By Moment. I must admit, I was absolutely beat, so only stayed for a few hours before jumping my my car and heading home.


I think I had my PJ’s and slippers on within minutes of getting through my door and not long after I was sound asleep :)


It was an absolutely fabulous day - thanks Nuffnang for organising it!!

For a fantabulous review of what went down re the conference check out Bree’s account at The Blog Stylist.


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  2. It seems like very exciting and pleasant experience. Thanks for sharing! Good luck!


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