Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Driver Dan’s Story Train: Review & Giveaway!

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Now, I’m the first to admit most kids shows drive me completely bonkers. There are very few that I don’t mind watching and a few more that I can tolerate hearing in the background. After watching a few episodes of “Driver Dan’s Story Train” I have decided this goes in the happy to watch pile. It doesn’t hurt that there are absolutely adorable characters like Sweetie the Panda, Loopy the Stegosaurs and of course Driver Dan the loveable lion.
I really liked the fact that Driver Dan encourages interaction with his stories. Having favourite parts of the story re-enacted by children is quite fun and for us that lead to a conversation about what Jacob’s favourite part was – complete with a re-enactment!

Official Press Release
Driver Dan Puts Story Time on Track
How do you get a young child interested in learning? All it takes is a friendly lion, a little imagination, and a great story book, all of which is part of the must-see DVD series Driver Dan’s story Train, chugging onto shelves this November.

Driver Dan’s Story Train, is written by well known children’s author Rebecca Elgarm. The program uses interactive characters, simple plot lines, and a focus on imagination to bring reading alive for little ones aged 3-5.

However, it’s not just a love of reading that is encouraged through the program. Driver
Dan’s Story Train consists of different personalities, from Tallulah- the cautious and at
times shy toy elephant who is always there for her friends, to Loopy, a dinosaur with a
flair for excitement and adventure. But Driver Dan teaches that every personality adds
value to friendship and fun- helping kids to be comfortable with who they are, as well as
encouraging imaginative thinking and individuality.

With a problem to be solved and a lesson to be learnt in each episode, children develop
basic problem solving skills through interaction and the art of story telling.

As the old story goes- buy a kid an expensive toy and they will play with the box. Driver
Dan’s Story Train is the perfect example of how when it comes to kids- simplicity is best.
A lion, a train, and a story book is all you need to educate, entertain and help develop a
young and imaginative mind.

So why not pick up a Driver Dan’s Story Train DVD for your little ticker this November?
With any luck- they won’t need to play with the box.
Giveaway!!!!To enter my giveaway for a copy of the DVD “Driver Dan’s Story Train - Vrooms Go Crash and other Play-a-Long Stories”, simply leave a comment on my blog telling me who your favourite childhood character was/is. For an extra entry, simply share this giveaway on Facebook and/or Twitter and comment to tell me you have. Giveaway closes 5pm EDST Friday the 25th November, 2011. The winner will be announced on my blog on Saturday 26th November. If the winner doesn’t reply or is not contactable by Friday the 2nd December, I will redraw the winner. Good Luck everyone and I can’t wait to read all your answers!
OK, I had to add a picture of Sweetie – she’s so flipping CUTE!!!


  1. I absolutely loved the Tazmanian Devil when I was a child and to be honest now I am 32 and have 4 children I still love Taz!! Nothing like the classics
    I have shared on Facebook and am off to share on Twitter (Gizmomum)now. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone

  2. I LOVE and still love MR SQUIGGLE......I still sing this song to my kids

  3. Have shared on facebook :-)

  4. I LOVED Rainbow Brite! I had the horse and heaps of the characters that I played with endlessly!
    My other favourite was Punky Brewster! Geeeezz I miss that show! I really wanted to be her, and even drew the odd freckle on from time to time!

  5. My favourite chilhood character was definately Winnie the pooh, i jsut loved him still do my 2 girls are startingto love him now too :)

  6. I was a blackboard fan... for those who don't know or don't remember blackboard was part of the Mr Squiggle team (the one that said in every episode 'Hurry Up')
    I'm not sure why he is/was such a favourite but i still find myself saying that to the children, who have no idea what i am talking about lol

  7. My son loves this show! My favourite character was Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. So cute!
    djchilds at hot mail (dot) com

  8. Tweeted @ShinyGlitterBug
    Here's the tweet!

  9. my favorite was cinderella
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  10. I tweeted
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  11. My favourite would definately be Punky Brewster!!!!!
    And the best thing is now my young daughters watch it too after I bought the series on dvd!! (email kookla123@yahoo.com)

  12. I've shared on FB too! (FB name is Michelle Vamvas)

  13. Gee, now I know I'm old because no one will probably remember, Kima , the white lion. I use to rush home from school and sit their glued to the tv, I loved it, Well it cant be that old we owned a tv!!!

  14. Sorry, haved shared on facebook and twitter @gherkkerry:)

  15. This movie is amazing, actually I can't decide if I like Sweetie or the Lion the most! My children vote for Sweetie though!

  16. I used to really love Jem from the cartoon 'Jem and the Holograms' :)
    *sings* Jem is truly outrageous!
    Truly truly truly outrageous!

  17. I shared on twitter here (username invinciblesumme)

  18. I always had a thing for Snoopy... still do really :)
    I still have my Snoopy doll!

  19. Shared on my Facebook page (public)

  20. I love Tweety! Has always been my favourite!!!

  21. Giveaway now closed. Winner announce tomorrow (Saturday). Good luck to everyone that entered :)

  22. That DVD would be the perfect present for my kid. I am sure he would love it. Thanks for the great idea.


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