Sunday, 24 June 2012

Disney/Pixar’s Brave


Brave title


Last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to a preview of Disney/Pixar’s new film “Brave”. now, I’m not ashamed to admit, I’m a massive sucker for a kids movie, so I was nearly more excited than the kids to go and see it.  We decided to make a bit of an adventure of the day and take the train ride in. For the record, 1 hour and 4 minutes on a train with two excited kids feels like an eternity!

We arrived in time to see the fantastic bagpipe players and Scottish dancers performing who were wonderful.  The kids were then told about the face painting so off they went to get their faces decked out in Scottish clan and Brave pictures.



Of course, they both then had the photo taken in front of the very awesome looking Brave display.


Then it was off to see the movie in 3D.  This was my friend Fiona’s very first 3D movie so we won’t mention what happened to her when she need to take Steph for a loo run during the movie. Let’s just say that her depth perception was a little off and she nearly became very friendly with some people sitting along the aisles :)


Brave is a wonderful movie.  It was refreshing to see a kids movie with a strong female character who doesn’t need the “prince” to save her.  Brave is the 10th Disney/Pixar film and stars voices from Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson.  It follows the story of Merida, a young fiery red head teenager who struggles with finding herself, with creating her own destiny. It’s a story of courage and above all true bravery. Brave is rated PG and opens nationwide on 21st June 2012 in 3D and 2D

To find out even more, visit the Brave section of the Disney website HERE

Thanks to the very cool goodie bags the kids got, the ride home on the train was a lot quieter *sigh*


Thanks to the wonderful people at Disney/Pixar and Mango, here are some colouring sheets for you to print out for your kids to enjoy (or you, I know I love a good colouring-in activity)

Brave Activity Sheets


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! Great pictures.

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    1. Thanks! Will stop by shortly :)


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