Monday, 25 June 2012

Review: Little Quacker Rice Biscuits

These days, finding something quick and easy for a treat isn’t too hard. There are shelves full of pre-packaged items that make it super dooper easy. Well, that is if you don’t have a child with allergies. Then it’s not a simple task of just popping something off the supermarket shelf in your trolley. And finding something that your child enjoys eating, well, that’s a whole different story.

When I was asked to try “Little Quacker Rice Biscuits”, I knew exactly who I was going to call in as a taste tester. Meet Daniel, a gorgeous active little dude with allergies to dairy, eggs, soy, nuts, strawberries and tomatoes. (Mum, is there’s anything I missed?)


So, I brought a box of “Little Quacker Rice Biscuits” with me to one of our mum’s coffee mornings for him to try. According to Daniel, they were pretty yummy and the fact they came wrapped in little packs of 2 was pretty cool!


Little Quacker Rice Biscuits” are gluten, nut and egg free with no artificial colours, additives or ingredients and they are oven baked. They are available in original and strawberry flavours (we tested original). Little Quacker Rice Biscuits are available in Coles and Woolworths and online at and have a RRP $3.75 for a 60g box


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  1. He was so excited to eat them! Thanks hon. They were all gone by the end of that day, so I think we can safely say they were a hit!! (And no, I think you covered all his allergies! Well done XX)


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