Sunday, 1 July 2012

Review & Giveaway! Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker

I love trying any product that helps keep things organised and while I do have a labeller, it’s pretty ancient and definitely not as cool as this one :( So, I was very happy to test out the Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker.

So, what to label first…. I remembered that my “kid files” had written tags on them so I thought I would test out the Dymo LetraTag to see if the labels would fit inside the suspension file tags. Big ol’ happy dance, because they do!!!

Here are my “kid files” before:

And here they after they have had a mini-makeover with Dymo.  Very, very spiffy huh :)

Then Jacob got in on the act and decided that we needed to label his “special pen”. It was really easy to roll the label around the pen so it was easy to read. You know that I am going to be spending the school holidays labelling everyone of his pens with him now :)

And since Jacob was so impressed with the little crocodiles that the Dymo LetraTag could print out we labelled him as well – just in case I forgot who he was.

The Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker is really simple to use and the labels are available in paper, plastic, metallic and iron-on.

There are a couple of really nifty features:

  • two line printing
  • has 195 symbols!
  • 6 font styles
  • date stamping
  • manual cutter
  • 9 label memory - nothing worse than needing to type in the same thing over & over again!
  • auto power off

Now of course you want to know where you can buy a Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker so head HERE for a list of stores. If you’d like a chance to win a family escape to Hawaii worth $20,000 or one of 50 x $100 vouchers head into Officeworks! All you have to is purchase a Dymo (or Sharpie, or Papermate product) from any participating Officeworks store and enter online. (Offer starts 15 May - 15 July). For more info check out Dymo’s Facebook page HERE

Giveaway!!!!  For your chance to win one of two Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker’s, simply leave a comment on my blog telling me “How a Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker would help you be more organised”. For an extra entry, simply share this giveaway on Facebook and/or Twitter and comment to tell me you have.

  • Open to residents of Australia only.
  • Giveaway closes 5pm EDST Friday the 6th July, 2012. 
  • The winner will be announced on my blog and Facebook page on Saturday 7th July.
  • If a winner doesn’t reply or is not contactable by Friday the 13th July, I reserve the right to redraw.

Good Luck everyone and I can’t wait to read all your answers!


  1. Hubby is a Virgo and loves to be organised. Being able to label all his storage boxes of nails, screws and whatever other items men store in sheds, would delight him.

  2. I am so disorgansied it's depressed so a Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker would help me know which herb I'm picking, which folder I'm opening and would be fantastic in helping me sort out all my bloggy things.

  3. I've shared on Facebook (Dianne Childs) :)

  4. Ah, I have lots of files that are begging to be organized including receipts for tax return purposes & Anya's medical reports. I reckon having this labeller will encourage me to start sorting 'em out and eventually avoid the stress of having to search for paperworks that are "missing".

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  6. With three kids aged seven and under
    The rumpus is a mess, is it any wonder?!
    There's so many toys strewn all over the floor
    Barbies, and books, and playthings galore!
    I'd get some storage tubs then label them one by one
    I'm a super neat-freak, so it would be fun!
    Hopefully this system will put an end to my screams
    Dymo Letra-Tag, fulfill my de-cluttering dreams!!

  7. I'd love to organise the whole house, but first - the linen cupboard. It looks like everyone is just pulling things out & then throwing them back in. I dare say they are. No excuses when the shelves are labeled. No need to pull everything out then really.


  8. I would love to organise my life
    to find things without any strife
    Instead I have to search and hunt
    and pull, push, pull with every grunt.

    I need to know what's in what box
    and where are all my kids odd socks
    Id like to find things with ease
    Dymo Letra tag, I need you-- please!

  9. We moved house last October and have sitll not properly unpacked, paperwork and filing in particular has got out of control, it would help me so much to have one of these, I think would be quite motivating too, making lovely labels for files boxes and such like. Also I am expecting a sister for my little girl in November and it is my intention to cook and freeze heaps of stuff as will most likely be caesarian, soooooo need to get organised for that and would be nice to be able to label tupperware and pantry contents. Oh now I think of it, I could also label the shelves in the linen cupboard and children's robes and drawers so that husband knows where everything is meant to go while I am in hospital and later at home recovering. I am sure the more I think about this gadget the more I will see how much I really do need one!!! :)

  10. I need to label everything in the pantry. Nobody but me knows which is the correct container for crackers, cereals, pasta etc. What is wrong with people?! Also label stuff I cook and put in the freezer because it's like a lucky dip when I pull something out - went for what I thought was chicken curry one day and it turned out to be pumpkin soup when thawed, so guess what we had for dinner? Toasted sandwiches.

  11. We have 4 kids and two of them LOSE EVERYTHING. I try to label everything they have but it ends up looking less than neat or legible and some days I do not get our things back which leads to a lot of stress and frustration. I also over stuff our freezer with food and cannot see what I've frozen. I have 2 old Dymo labellers from the 1970s (when I was a child) that I have loved to death but they are not versatile enough to label much - when you use them on lunchboxes they break down very quickly or the adhesive fails.

  12. Ok, so being a fellow compulsive organised freak (meant with loads of love obviously) I would love it to re-label my kids chests of drawers. At the moment I have hand written sticker labels on each of the drawers. Unfortunately, as the youngest has grown, I now need to do them again, as she doesn't fit into 'wondersuits' anymore, so I now have a mis-labelled drawer!!!!! AAARRRGGHHHH! The one I have is nowhere near as groovy as this one! I would also love it to label food I freeze and my children's belongings, as Miss 6 has a memory like a sieve and constantly forgets her sandwich keepers and JUMPER at school!! Really anything that stopped still long enough may end up being labelled! Lol :)

  13. A Dymo Label Maker  might be the most affordable, personal labeling device out there. It is the most efficient and reliable way to produce a simple-to-read label.  


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