Sunday, 30 December 2012

Rejigging the system

Well, haven't I been absent for a while. After two years of agency night shift, I finally got a job with regular nights. You would think that would make things easier, right. I've gone from wondering all day until 6pm to find out if I have a shift to knowing exactly when I'm working and somehow have been left with less time to get things done.

My routine that I have pretty much stuck to for years and years doesn't fit in with my new working schedule and since I'm such a stubborn person and really don't like change that much I persisted in trying to make it work and all that did was leave me exhausted. When I finally gave in and realised I needed to rejig it, I had gotten myself so behind in everything that something have to give for a while so I could catch up and unfortunately that was blogging.

It has taken time to get into a new system for me and even longer for my family to readjust to it. I guess they have been so used to me being here and able to do things at the last minute, that they just didn't get it for a while that I couldn't do that anymore. A lot of the things were simple little things, like leaving notices from school to the last minute and expecting I could just deal with it. Previously, I would have gone through the bag when they came home and dealt with it then. But now two days a week when they get home I'm sound asleep and for some weird cosmic reason, these are the days that notices appear.

It took a ridiculous amount of time just to get them to pop the notices on my desk when they got home or have my hubby get them. It took even longer to get my hubby to tell me what he had taken out of the bag! It's a pain in the arse to come home from night shift to find out that one of the kids had a free dress day and needed a gold coin or they have an excursion that they either need to be there early for or picked up late from.

So six months later and we finally have a good working system happening. It's strange that only small tweaks were needed but they made such a huge impact. They were simple things like changing the day I change the linen, adding some things to the weekend, which I had previously always kept relatively free and keeping a stash of gold coins!

Over the next few days, I'm going to post a "year in review" so my blog reflects our family's year, then in the new year I will be able to add my blog into my schedule. To get back into the swing of things, I think I will look into some memes as that has previously helped me keep on track. If you're running one on your blog, let me know in the comments and I will pop over and have a look and see if it will work for me.


  1. Welcome back! We all need that time to adjust to new things and I'm so happy you have a working schedule and will be back to regular blogging in the upcoming new year! 2013 is going to be phenomenal for us all! :D

    1. Thanks MiMi. Looking forward to getting back into it :)

  2. Not to mention that this whole night shift gig of yours severely affects my social life and coffee time!!!! Lol. SO glad that the boys have finally caught on! ;) Mwah XX

    1. Now we just have our coffee as my day is ending and your day is starting! Guess I'll see you in the morning :)


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