Saturday, 19 January 2013

Making a Bed – It’s Simple, Right??

Last November, we finally found our new bed. It took a while to find it, but I’m so glad we didn’t rush and get the first thing we saw. There’s nothing like jumping into a beautifully made bed and snuggling in for a sleep.  Making a bed isn’t rocket science. It’s as simple as getting out of the bed, turning around and lifting the doona, giving it a good shake and laying it back down on the bed. Then you simply pop the pillows where they are supposed to go. Honestly, it’s less than a two minute job, free and a simple pleasure I love. This is the bed my husband gets into every night, whether on not I’m working night shift.

Seriously, it’s so easy, even my kids do their own.  After a night shift, this is what I look forward to on the way home – jumping into bed and curling up for a darn good snooze. Hubby has already left for work when I get home so I know that I will have the whole bed to myself.  So, if it’s so easy peasy to make a bed and if it’s a little pleasure that doesn’t cost a thing, how come I always come home to this?????

I wonder if my husband will ever learn to simply get out of bed, turn around and shake that doona?

1 comment:

  1. Haha.. Um.. Because you're foggy and rushed when you get up and you think, "I'll take care of that in a minute.." And then that minutes passes and you're out the door?? - Just a guess.. :) - Happy Weekend.. Your bed does look comfy tho. :)


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