Sunday, 13 April 2014

Reigniting the love


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There are a lot of reasons bloggers take a break from blogging.  For some they simply don’t have time, other commitments, new jobs, new babies or just need to walk away and breathe.  My reason - I fell out of love with my blog. And really, if I didn’t love it and enjoy posting, how could anyone enjoy spending time here and reading. falling out of love happened over a period of time.  I was learning new things and trying them out and found I was spending more time tweaking than posting. More and more things I wanted to post ended up sitting in draft mode.

What made me post today? I realised that I missed my blog (aawwwwwww). I missed that teeny tiny spot on the WWW that is mine. Mine to share stories of my family, share things that make me laugh, be funny, be serious. OK, I’m not serious very often, but here, if I want to be here, I can :) I missed the interaction with readers who gave me another point of view, shared in my happiness and virtually hugged me when I needed it. I guess I missed “blogging therapy”.

My blog and I are going to take our renewed relationship slow. No committing to posting x times a week. No deciding on a direction we want to take, we are just going to go with the flow and enjoy ourselves.

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  1. We missed you too! Welcome back xx

  2. I just took a break from my blogs too..kept up the fb page active just didn't blog. ..

    1. Thinking about total redesign and renaming now. Time away has been good.


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