Sunday, 14 December 2008

Oh yeah!! We're on a roll - Dining Room!!

Well then downside to all this is I actually have to clean up and sort stuff out LOL! The dining room area is a dining room at one end and my desk at the other - yes I have (had now) a messy desk! We decided to tackle the room half at a time so we started near the back door where I was sure the worst boards were (I hate being right PMSL!!!)

Sure enough they aren't in the best state as half of these ones would have been part of the original kitchen and they had had stick on tiles on them. At least they pulled up the tiles before they laid the carpet so we are just left with some sticky patches which have come up pretty well with a few coats of turps and a paint scraper.

The other half of the room has the same boards as the lounge. So all I need to do now is rearrange both rooms, sort through piles of crap and papers (really thinking about buying a shredder) and then wait until we have the time and money to redo the boards properly. Must say though, I have been happier without that darn carpet the last few days. I always hated cleaning up these two rooms and vacuuming them to be still left staring at the ugly stains.

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