Friday, 12 December 2008

On to the lounge!!!

Say GOODBYE to icky sickly pink stained carpet and hello to floorboards! I really wish that hubby had taken my advise to rip up the carpet before we moved in but he was positive there weren't good boards under the carpet. I had pulled up a small patch in the entrance way and knew there were pretty good boards there but hey, he knows best doesn't he??? Here's what the room basically looked like before - ignore the child lazing around on the couch :)

So hubby informs me out of the blue that there's a huge skip at his work and there's heaps of room left in it so they said the guys could bring in anything they need to get rid of - hmmmm don't think they meant rip up your carpet and bring it in but hey, who am I to complain! So it was all systems go. We started in the entrance way and hubby exclaimed - wow the boards here are pretty good (hmmmm proves listening to your wife can be a good thing!).

The dining room is next but I honestly don't expect the boards to be as good. However I would rather live with a few crappy boards than this vile carpet :)

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