Saturday, 27 December 2008


This was definitely one of those moments that I will kick myself for not having the video camera on.
Nanna M needed to wrap one of Jacob's presents is something a little sturdy. I don't think this was the response she had counted on.

He was happy enough opening up his present until he found something familiar looking inside the paper that confused him.

He studied it for a brief second then picked it up and exclaimed quiet disgustedly, "TISSUES! TISSUES!" Then held up the box and shook it menacingly and asked, "What IS this!"

By this stage we we're all in fits of laughter and no one could really answer him! He held it up and again and pouted at it, wondering what on earth he was missing.

Eventually, we all calmed down enough for someone to explain he needed to open his tissue box to reveal his present. Thankfully, there weren't tissues inside!

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