Saturday, 27 December 2008

Merry Christmas

With all the cold and wet weather recently, it was nice to have a beautiful and sunny Christmas Day - especially since we had arranged a BBQ for dinner.

As usual, we found no matter what you give a three year old, he will be happier playing with the packaging it came in. At least I had thought about this when I was getting paper and bags for the presents. I was pretty happy that I found this huge Wiggles Christmas bag - I think Jacob was too!

It also doesn't seem to change no matter how old they get - they will always be caught checking out someone else's pressie. I was just a little surprised at a sixteen year old playing with a three year old's fire truck and station.

My dad's expression when he opened something that contained chocolate or scorched peanuts was not matched by anyone.

It was always going to be an easy theme of what to get Matthew this Christmas - anything to do with his car. I'm sure his tool set will be put to a lot of use.

Joshua is not the easiest person to buy for. He had already got his new phone earlier but I wanted something good for him to open. I think he's pretty happy knowing he is booked in for his Learner's in January.

Child number two that is really difficult to buy for, Zachary decided in the last few days what he might want Santa to bringhim for Christmas. Hmmmmm.... so did every other kid Zac! After a lot of looking and phone calls, he now has a blue iPod nano.

The child that changed his mind every other day got what he said first! By the looks of it I think he forgot that he had mentioned he wanted a Ripstik. Now he just has to learn to ride it............

I think my mum loved her Golden Girls and First Wives Club DVD's.

This year I solved the problem of the ongoing "that's my game" that I hear all year by giving them the games and accessories as a big group gift. Can't believeit took me this long to figure that out LOL!!

At the end of the present session we had two little guest appearances. First we had Spiderman aka Jacob.

Followed by Superman aka Jacob. The boy LOVES costumes :)

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