Saturday, 20 December 2008

Up goes the tree - Finally!

With all our work on the house we were a little late putting up the tree this year. It usually goes up every year without fail on the 5th December, the day after Matthew's birthday. So poor Jacob had been busting for us to put it up and since this is the first Christmas he is really excited about Santa, the tree, the lights we thought who better to decorate the tree.

He had so much fun arranging the ornaments and picking what was going on and what was staying in the box.

Overall he did a really good job! A few of the ornaments ended up quite close together but he said they wanted to be next to each other so they had friends - awwwwwww!

Every night he has been in charge of having the lights turned on and it amazes me that he is just excited about it every time he does it.

Merry Christmas!

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