Monday, 25 October 2010

Day Eighteen–30 Day Meme

Catching up for the last few days since I was away over the weekend and my blog got this beautiful makeover Smile
Day 18 – your wedding/future wedding/past wedding
Our wedding was simple – just the way we wanted it, no fuss. In fact, we didn’t even invite anyone to our wedding – we invited them to Jacob’s 1st Birthday. In case you’re wondering, no, not even our parents knew. We told the older boys about half and hour before the “party guests”arrived.      Everyone did know that we were “planning” to tie the know, so we had already asked my girlfriend and her husband if they would be our witnesses when they day came.
A ceremony with family and close friends in our front yard, a barbeque lunch and cake from The Cheesecake Shop – a “wedding” one and a birthday one.
Funnily enough, even a “surprise wedding” doesn’t stop rice from getting thrown! See my used to be full packet of rice that was in the pantry getting thrown around!!

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  1. How many people are there doesn't have anything to do with how much fun you can have!!! ^_^


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