Monday, 25 October 2010

Day Nineteen–30 Day Meme

Day 19 – a talent of yours

OK, ummmm….. a talent? Ummmmmm, hang on, thinking….. still thinking…….

At the moment procrastination as a talent is looking really good.

Just grabbed something to eat and I’m still pondering this one. What someone may see as a talent, another person simply sees it as something they can do.

Are we talking talent like Claire in “The Breakfast Club” who can apply her lipstick with her boobs?  Or simply a talent like I can drive a manual car – but seriously nearly everyone my age can.

Well, I guess I’m not the best person to be able to figure out what one of my “talents” are so the family have decided the following:

  • apparently I can make dinner appear when there is nothing to eat
  • white football shorts that went through a game in the mud and got left in a sports bag, damp for three days, magically appear just as white as the day they were bought in time for the next game
  • I can read upside down
  • I can spell big words, just like “google” can Smile with tongue out


So, that is what they consider some of my talents. Funnily enough, I did think of one myself after asking them – I can retain completely useless information. It’s like the spam filter went missing in my brain and it just stays there. Very handy for playing Trivial Pursuit though (as is being able to read upside down!)

1 comment:

  1. It seems to me that you have major...and unique...talent! I mean how many people read upside down?! I can think of numerous places where that could come in handy!...I can write backwards {mirror-writing, I call it!}. We could go on the road with our talents!!! ^_^


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