Sunday, 31 October 2010

Day Twenty-Six - 30 Day Meme

Day 26 – your week, in great detail
Monday - a fairly average day, full of general pottering around the house and pick ups and drop offs.
Tuesday - Zachary had an appointment this morning with the Hand Therapist. He has been working with them since he dislocated his finger during PE playing kick ball in August. I dropped him back at school and Joshua and I picked up Jacob from kinder and “did lunch”.
Later in the afternoon, I took Joshua and myself to the Doctors - Joshua to get immunised for his trip to Bali and me to get a skin tag removed (funny how it had never bothered me at all until my mother mentioned something about it hmmmmm). In the evening Zachary and I went to a meeting at school for the Presentation Ball next year.
Wednesday - Jacob had his first transition session at school. He absolutely loved spending time there, but was a bit concerned about missing kindergarten. Afterwards, he had his swimming lesson.
Did a few general things around the house, then while Joshua watched Jacob, headed off for a nap as I was working that evening.
Got up around 7:00PM, did dinner and headed off to work.
Thursday - Left work at 7:30AM and headed home. Grabbed a cuppa and got the boys to school - Joshua had his first Year 12 exam this morning, English. Pottered around the house until midday when I went to pick Joshua up from school and drop Jacob off at kindergarten. Back home to hit the sack zzzzzzzzz.
The boys caught the bus home and Joshua walked down and picked up Jacob from kinder.
Woke around 5:30PM and got dinner organised.  Headed off to kindergarten committee meeting at 7:30PM, got home just before midnight.
Friday - What a crazy morning! Dropped Zachary off at the hospital for his Hand Therapy appointment at 8:00AM, dropped Christian and Joshua at school, back to hospital to pick up Zachary, dropped Jacob at Kindergarten, dropped off Zachary at school, picked up Joshua and headed home - all before 10:15AM.  Put dinner in the slow cooker and had a sit down before heading off again.
Got Jacob from kindergarten at midday, made lunch, pottered around, picked up boys from school at 2:45PM. More pottering, served dinner and had a rather early night.
Saturday - See here
Sunday - We’ve got a hard rubbish collection in our area, so we tidied up the carport and put everything we wanted to get rid of on the nature strip so it could be picked up sometime after Monday.
In the afternoon, I headed out for a quiet wander around the shopping centre, where I picked up some cute little baskets and some ballet flats for $5.00!!! Got home, made dinner, played on the computer for a while and headed off to bed.

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