Monday, 4 July 2011

A Day of Interesting Mail Deliveries…….

We’ve had a few interesting items turn up in our mail over the last few days. Today, I received a DVD that was posted in April, hubby got a May bank statement and an ebay purchase, that should have arrived early last week, turned up by courier.  OK, not too strange, but………..

Every now and then we all get mail delivered to us that isn’t ours. It might be the last people who lived at your address, the neighbours or maybe simply incorrectly addressed. I have no idea how the letter below ended up being delivered in our letterbox. I have blacked out (not on the envelope, after I took the pic) the information on this letter that does not relate to us.


Yes, you are seeing that correctly. The only details we have in common with that envelope is the house number and the fact we live in a court! That means wrong name, street name, suburb, state and postcode!!

Well, the arrival of this letter ended my enjoyment of a pyjama day as I did the right thing and headed to the post office to get the letter back on it’s merry way to it’s rightful owner. OK, after the ladies in the post office had a right, roaring giggle about it :)

Has anyone else ever had this happen to them?????

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