Monday, 4 July 2011

Making a house fit a fridge!

Ok, I know most “normal” people measure up the spot they have to put a new refrigerator before buying one. What do we do - find the one we want and then MAKE the house fit it!


Yup, that’s my poor hubby up there tearing apart the cupboard that used to house the old gas water heater. It’s just inside the laundry by I had a plan to make it part of the kitchen :)


That’s right - knock out the doorway!  When you have a vision of how something is going to look, sometimes you just have to go for it (after you convince your husband that it was his idea!)


I’m pretty impressed that this was the only casualty of the weekend! And just like any good loving wife, I whacked a band-aid on it (so he would get blood over the nice white wall) and told him to get back to work - I love supervising :)


And here is the finished project - well nearly. Still need to put back the skirting boards, but I have convinced hubby that “his” idea to continue these nice sleek lines to the pantry and replace the doors :)

And since I am soooooooooo in love with my new fridge, here is a much better picture of it.




  1. yay! Great to read that I am not the only one that does this!
    We had our fridge sitting in front of the hole in the wall until it was made the right size!!
    Your end result looks awesome!!

  2. Thanks Tammy! Hubby is rather proud of himself.


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