Wednesday, 25 April 2012

ANZAC Day 25th April, 2012

This week at Joey Scout’s, Jacob learnt about ANZAC Day.  They had many wonderful learning activities, but Jacob’s favourite was making the poppy.  When he brought it home, he told me that the red poppy means remembering our soldiers. Not bad for a seven year olds interpretation.

How to make crepe paper poppies.
The poppy is a simple craft project to make. 
You will need:
*red crepe paper
*green pipe cleaners

Draw and cut out 2 or more poppy shapes from crepe paper. Bundle 2 or more together and poke a hole through the centre of each shape. poke the pipe cleaner through the hole/s, then curl it around to secure and form the centre of the flower.

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  1. Bully for Jacob! His interpretation is even more than good, don't you think? :) My daughters tried the crepe paper poppies at home and they are very easy to be made indeed. Thanks fo sharing :)

  2. What a lovely idea , my oldest son did Joey scouts, then cubs a, then scouts - gaveup at 14yrs.
    I really hope my twins can do Joey scouts when they turn 6.

    Ps sorry to spam - but have you entered my IKEA $150 and Lego Games giveaways - since you have a boy the target age group...

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