Monday, 7 May 2012

Hubby & boys spend the day @ Highpoint shopping while I get pampered by Ottoman3 and L’Occitane

It’s coming up to that wonderful time of year where we celebrate our mothers and show them how much they mean to us.  Now, my birthday falls before mother’s day, so I have my boys, my hubby and parents asking what I would like and I never know what to say could explain some of the gifts I have received :). What I really would like is the ability to teleport, an extra hand, to be able to move at the speed of light or more hours in a day – don’t think any of that is going to happen in the near future. 

So, when I was told that Highpoint Shopping Centre had a Mother’s Day Gift Guide and asked if my hubby and boys would like to give shopping a go there, we jumped at the chance.  To make the day even better, some beautiful pampering had been organised for me while the boys were off shopping.  Armed with the gift guide and a camera they set off to hunt for a Mother’s day present. Now, I honestly have no idea what they ended up buying, I was just handed the camera at the end of the day and this is what I found:

Ummm Mr Jacob, I think these will fit you not me……..

I see you found the ride on cars and yes Zachary, 17 is really to old to be attempting to squish yourself into one.

OOOOOHHHH!!! Puppies!! Now, I didn’t see anyone carrying a puppy out to the car, nor have I seen or heard one around the house, so I’m going to take a wild guess and say, I am not getting a puppy for Mother’s Day.

Oh dear Lord, a M-O-U-S-E!!!! Hang on, it’s not real, I can breathe again, but if anyone hides that in my bed next Sunday morning, LOOK OUT!
Now that’s pretty! I’ve been eyeballing these for a while. Nice full length mirror and it opens up so you can store your jewellery.

Awwww, hubby are you checking out cards for me :)

Awwwww, love this shot of two of my boys. maybe they will print this out and frame it for me???

Oooohhhh, pretty pink bag for the gym and even prettier pink boxing gloves. I’m thinking my family is pretty darn smart about now :)

Hmmm, a purchase had been made, but they could be faking me out…..

Now, I suppose you are wondering what on earth I was doing while my family shopped.  Well, I was in all sorts of heaven! it’s been a while since I’ve had any sort of pampering treatment and this was just fantastic!! First, I was taken to the beautiful Ottoman 3 Nail and Brow Bar where I was treated to having my eyebrows perfectly shaped and my nails manicured.

I was introduced to the lovely Mini at Ottoman 3 Nail and Brow Bar, who walked me through what I was having done. First was my eyebrows. At Ottoman 3 Nail and Brow Bar, they using an ancient technique called threading. I’ve got to admit, I had never heard of this before and after the explanation, I was well and truly intrigued.  I’ve added a little video from Ottoman 3 below so you can check it out for yourself.

The talented Nina looked after my brows and after the initial surprise, I found that there was really no pain more a discomfort that I found I could relax into. I had never had my brows properly shaped before and the finished look was beautiful.

Next was my sorry looking nails. being a nurse, I have to keep my nails fairly short, so usually before a shift, I just hack them off with a pair of toe nail clippers I’m so sorry I ever did that Mini, and promise to never do that again! Getting a manicure has been on my 40 things list for ages and now I can proudly strike that off! I have always been put of by the smell associated with manicures and since Ottoman 3 don’t use acrylic, there is no offensive smell! I was looked after by the lovely Suzy, who was able to turn my hacked nails into a nails I can be proud of, without making them impractical for work.

Ottoman 3 Nail and Brow bar are located at Highpoint Shopping Centre and Chadstone Shopping Centre. Personally I think they need to have another one closer to me so I can get my Ottoman 3 fix regularly!!

Next up was meeting the lovely Sabrina at L’Occitane where I was given a skin assessment and shown their gorgeous organic products, most of which I tried :)  Their Highpoint store, is so serene to wander through, with gorgeous displays and staff that know how to answer all your questions.

I loved that they had bunches of lavender in the store, yet there was no over powering fragrance, just a delicate waft, and beautiful displays of the immortelle flower which is known as the everlasting flower as it never withers.

I guess I’m just going to have to wait until Sunday to find out exactly what my family discovered at Highpoint.

Have you got any *wishes* for Mother’s Day??? Are you family tuned into you or they just get what they secretly want themselves?? I’m totally sure Jacob wants another puppy :)

*Disclaimer: My family received a $200 Highpoint Gift Card to shop with and all pampering treatments were complementary.  All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Hello Nat, my name is Natalie too. I found you on Over forty blog hop. Just want to know your secrete: How did you get you husband to a mall? Mine hates them! Honestly I do too but I still admire you for doing it! My blog is if you want to check it out also hope to see you around!

  2. Following you from Super Stalking Sunday.... Your date at the mall looks fun! Love for you to follow back and link up to Mom's Monday Mingle tomorrow!

    Have a great holiday!

  3. Hello there.. Thanks for stalking me.. You've been stalked back ;)
    And WOW what an awesome spa day!!!! You lucky ducky :)

  4. What beautiful photos and what a lovely bit of pampering! I am now following via GFC and thank you for following me :-)


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