Saturday, 14 April 2012

My family finally find out what goes on at a Blogging Event –Kid’s Business Blogger BBQ

Last month I took my hubby and two youngest son’s to the Kids Business Blogger’s BBQ, sponsored by Target.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and Albert Park lake was a lovely setting.

Jacob at the lake
Jacob thought the name tags that Kid’s Business had done for us were pretty cool – his said “Jacob, I’m with Nats-Natterings”. Of course, when asked for his name he simply puffed up his chest at people like this:

At the Crayola stand, Jacob had a great time colouring in and looking at their product display. Perfect timing for us as now we had some very cool ideas for birthday present ideas.

Nad’s were offering eyebrow wax’s with their Nad’s  Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper. I thought after decades of neglect to my eyebrows, ok I was terrified after a disastrous plucking event, I would get mine done.  I prepared myself for the envisioned pain involved with waxing, only to find that it was a few seconds of discomfort followed by pretty shaped eyebrows! Honestly, I thought there was a hell of a lot more involved with the whole process. So after decades of furry caterpillars sitting on my face, i now have beautifully shaped eyebrows thanks to Nad’s :)


The Britz campervan area was another favourite place of Jacob’s. There was an very, very awesome face painter out front who transformed my son from a sweet little six year old into a very ferocious tiger!


Christian had fun “test-driving” the campervan, I played fake passenger. I had never actually been inside on of these campervans before and was quite surprised at the amount of room in the front.


Christian also was intrigued by the bed and the bathroom amenities on board. He decided since he is soooooooo tall, he should get the big bed to himself. Hmmm, I think this was to compensate for the fact that he would need to shower sitting on the loo hahahaha


Lunch was supplied my Lenard’s, McCormick’s and Fressure Foods. I loved being able to taste some of the McCormick meals and spice ranges that I hadn’t tried before. Lenard’s had the most divine Lenny Pops being passed around sorry, no pic of the Lenny Pops, I ate them as soon as I saw them.

Jacob was thoroughly impressed with the “Frog’s in a Pond” for dessert


Cottee’s had wonderful flavours of cordial available for us to try – Apple Kiwi is still the king as far as I am concerned. They also had some dancing workshops for the kids each hour which Jacob loved. Awwww, he’s such a little gentleman :)

I would like to thank all the companies that were involved with the
Kid’s Business Bloggers BBQ:
*Ella’s Kitchen*
*Fressure Foods*
*Room to Grow*
and of course  *Kid’s Business*

An absolutely wonderful day was had by all.  I got to ask questions and experience a lot of things that I wouldn’t have been game enough to do on my own waves @ Nad’s. I came home with lots of samples to try and I’m very sure there will be some giveaways in the near future!! I was also lucky enough to win this beautiful hamper from Nad’s I’m sure there’s a waxing blog post in my very near future :)

And one final pic, just because it’s so flipping cute. Everyone say awwwwwww



  1. Sounds like it was a great day! Maybe I should've gone after all, just to get my eyebrows done! (has been a while *blush*)

  2. Sounds like a well organised and fun day! Jacob looks very cute!

  3. I still haven't found a reasonable explanation why children love to have painted faces- may this part of their rushing into the magical world of their favourite characters, or a way to get to know with the detailed characteristics of the naimlas they like. Not even a single b-day of my son goes without a painted face, however.


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