Sunday, 8 April 2012

My 5 Biggest Time Suckers (at the moment anyway)

Last week, I found myself whinging to myself, that I didn’t have time to do something. I’m ultra busy and run off my feet ALL DAY! Then, I realised that my sugar needed harvesting and my crafted glass would be ready in Castleville.  Hmmm, super busy? Time poor? Guess not – just have things that are more fun to do :)

So, I thought I would waste even more time and find out just what are my 5 biggest time suckers are. The results in no particular order are {drum roll please}


1. Bubble Witch on facebook
I love, love, love Bubble Witch. I hate that I have to wait 30 minutes before gives me another life. For the last few days, I have been dreaming that I will finally finish Level 155. It’s seriously been driving me nuts – I’m always just a ball or two short.

Bubble Witch

2. Draw Something on iPhone
I love this but honestly, I need to apologise after every attempt i have at drawing something. The pictures look awesome in my head – there’s just a bit of a problem translating that to my big fat fingers on a tiny iPhone screen. Below is an example of my wonderful work. You would have guessed that one right?


3. Words with Friends on iPhone and facebook
What’s better than a game you can play on your iPhone or on facebook?? One that you can play on both!!! Words with Friends is awesome! I love having a few games on the go and playing a few turns while I’m waiting for kids or having a cuppa. OK, I’ll play it whenever the little notification pops up on my phone that it’s my turn :)

Words With Friends

4. Castleville on facebook
One day, I had to make the decision that I either kept playing Farmville or I embrace the new and pretty Castleville. Castleville won, sorry Farmville. I love the cute graphics and the tasks. I’ve become some weird being that plans their day around the harvesting of sugar, oats and tomatoes and the crafting of wood planks and exploration crystals.


5. Television
I seriously love television. probably a little more than I should. A while ago I did a meme with a question about what TV shows do I watch – I thought an essay would evolve! I even have the GetGlue app on my iPhone so I can check in to shows. OK you can check in to other things like movies, books and activities, but mine are mostly television. Down on my sidebar under “places you can find me” there’s a little GetGlue box where you can follow along with my addiction :)


So, there you have it. My five biggest time suckers at present.

And just because I will need something else to suck any of the time I have left, tell me what sucks your time?????


  1. Bubble Witch, Words with Friends and Zynga Slingo!

  2. I think I would try the one "Words with friends" cause it resembles a lot my favourite scrabble. Thanks for the interesting suggestions!

  3. Draw something and words with friends get me too! I am exactly the same with draw something- I suck at it, but it is such fun :) Is that an umbrella?

    1. Supposed to be an umbrella - I try :)

  4. I love words with friends and draw something. I am too scared to check out the other ones. :) Rachel x

  5. oh my god, all of those sound really fun, i think i'm going start playing them! time sucking here I come!


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