Saturday, 9 June 2012

Seems You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks!

I’ve been a little quiet lately on the blogging front, but if you have a quick squiz around you will see that I have been overhauling my blog. Yes you read that right – I overhauled my blog!  I will admit, I’m sitting here right now thinking I’m pretty amazeballs *like no one else in the entire world has ever done this before*. I thought I was pretty good making the header a while ago and now I’ve made all the little headings to go with it *I think/hope they all link up right*

Oh, oh, and if you have a lookie over on the right I have cute little takeaway coffee cups for my “follow me” buttons that I got from Land of Web – very, very cool stuff over there if you haven’t already had a sticky-beak – I’ll wait here while you have a peak… go on, I know you want too……

So, what on earth set me off on this little overhauling binge? Well, I had simply fallen out of love with the look of my blog There were times that I would start writing a post and decide that this was not how my blog sounded the way it looked – it was like looking at a dog and hearing a meow. I was really frustrated because I kind of knew what I wanted it to look like, but I just couldn’t explain it. So, I did what any grown up would do and had a bit of a sook about it. Then, I saw that the wonderful Kate from Picklebums hosted a webinar called “Better Design = Better Blog”. So I organised a stash of snacks on my desk and an extremely large cup of coffee (OK, I bolted for a refill during the webinar) and listened.

I’m pretty sure it was the combination of the words of wisdom from Kate and me finally twigging that as long as I back everything up first before I start mucking around, I really couldn’t screw it up too badly – could I??? I already knew the colour scheme I wanted to stick with, so then I started trawling the web for social media icons and bits and pieces. The icons pretty much jumped out of the screen at me and yelled “hey, we are the most awesomest little social media icons ever!!!” And, that’s where I stalled. I found a few other things that were ok, but just not what I was looking for.

Like a freight train, the idea hit me – if I could piss fart around and fluke making my own header, why on earth couldn’t I make the headings myself instead of just finding something that was ok. So, that’s what I did! After a substantial amount of Google loving, fingers crossed I’ve followed every tutorial I’ve read correctly and everything points to where it should.

For some, doing this would have been a walk in the park and while I will admit that it wasn’t as hard as I had made myself think it was, it was still a challenge and a lot of trial and error *that crazy idea of backing up saved me a few times :)* 

Welcome to the new look Nat’s Natterings :) Let me know what you think and please tell me if I have majorly screwed something up.

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