Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Secret Holiday

In September 2012, I booked flights for us to go to Queensland. Today, we finally headed off on our holiday. While my older boys knew that we were going, we kept it a secret from 8 year old Jacob. At first it was to simply save us from the constant "how much longer???" questions that none of us were willing to listen to for months on end. After a while, we decided that it would be fun to surprise him with the holiday.

He has talked about the last time we went to Queensland a lot over the last few years and reminds us in great detail about just how much fun he had and that he would love to go back. So, this morning, which was a miserable, cold Melbourne day, we headed off on what he thought was a special day trip since Zac had come home from Uni for a few days.

To see his reaction watch the video below :)

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